Deutschland, Weimar
19.04.2023 @ 15:30

First multiplication event within the iBIMD project
event In Germany - in person event

On premises event location
MPK, Hospitalgraben 2, 99425, Weimar

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EN: The purpose of the multiplier event organized on 19.04.2023 in Weimar was to present the consolidated data, get feedback for the course summary and strengthen the collaboration between the academia and the AEC industry. The event benefited the presents of BuildingSmart Thuringia group and addressed the recent advances of  BIM tools in practice.
Following the discussion towards educational training courses, participants concluded that collaboration is an essential part or all projects and courses should include hand-on applications and consider the different BIM approaches (open & closed) to get to know the differences and possible obstacles.


15.30 Mellentin Filardo, Martina (BUW) Opening & Introduction

15.45 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Habeb Astour (FH Erfurt) Recent challenges & activities of RG Building Smart

16.30 Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. L. Abrahamczyk (BUW) Introduction to Building Information Modelling and Digitalization

17.00 Discussion & Networking