Deutschland, Weimar
19.04.2023 @ 15:30

First multiplication event within the iBIMD project
event In Germany - in person event

On premises event location
MPK, Hospitalgraben 2, 99425, Weimar

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EN: The first multiplier event of the IBIMD project in Germany, started with an opening and introduction by Mellentin Filardo from Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (BUW). This session set the tone for the event, providing an overview of the project's goals and the importance of BIM and digitalization in the construction industry. Following the introduction, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Habeb Astour from Fachhochschule Erfurt presented on the recent challenges and activities of the RG Building Smart group. His presentation addressed the current issues faced by the industry in adopting smart building practices and highlighted ongoing initiatives aimed at overcoming these challenges. This provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the practical difficulties and opportunities in the realm of smart building technologies.

Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. L. Abrahamczyk from BUW then delivered an in-depth presentation on the "Introduction to Building Information Modelling and Digitalization." This session covered the core concepts of BIM, its significance in modern construction practices, and how digitalization can drive efficiency and innovation in the industry. Abrahamczyk's presentation was pivotal in illustrating the practical applications and benefits of BIM, reinforcing the project's objectives.

The event concluded with a discussion and networking session. This interactive segment allowed participants to engage with the speakers, ask questions, and share their own experiences and insights. It was a crucial part of the event, as it facilitated the exchange of ideas and fostered collaborative relationships among attendees.

The multiplier event effectively supported the sharing and dissemination of the IBIMD project's results by providing a comprehensive platform for knowledge exchange. The detailed presentations on the project's goals, challenges in the smart building sector, and practical applications of BIM gave attendees a clear understanding of the project's achievements and its potential impact on the construction industry.

The target audience for this event included academic professionals, industry experts, and practitioners in the AEC sector, as well as stakeholders interested in the digital transformation of construction. This diverse audience ensured that the discussions were rich and varied, providing valuable feedback and fostering meaningful dialogue.

The outcomes of the event were highly positive. Participants gained a deeper understanding of the IBIMD project's objectives and the practical benefits of BIM and digitalization. The event also strengthened relationships between academia and industry, promoting collaborative efforts to advance digitalization in construction. The feedback gathered during the discussion session will be instrumental in refining the IBIMD project’s curriculum and implementation strategies.

There were no significant deviations from the planned agenda. All scheduled segments were executed as intended, ensuring a smooth and productive event that successfully met its objectives of dissemination and feedback collection. This successful execution highlights the event's role in promoting the IBIMD project's achievements and supporting the ongoing efforts to integrate BIM and digitalization into the construction industry.


15.30 Mellentin Filardo, Martina (BUW) Opening & Introduction

15.45 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Habeb Astour (FH Erfurt) Recent challenges & activities of RG Building Smart

16.30 Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. L. Abrahamczyk (BUW) Introduction to Building Information Modelling and Digitalization

17.00 Discussion & Networking