Denmark, Copenhagen
19.03.2024 @ 15:00

Second multiplication event within the iBIMD project
event In Denmark,  hybrid

Event location
DTU Campus Lyngby: Bygning 313, Denmark

The second multiplier event in Denmark, held at DTU Campus Lyngby, was organized to share and disseminate the results of the IBIMD project. This event was specifically designed to highlight the advancements in Building Information Modelling and Digitalization, with a particular focus on the pilot course, course manual development, and the training of digitalization ambassadors. The event started with presentations by Maja Frederikke Høgsbro and Erik Falck Jørgensen from DTU Campus Service, who provided insights into the project management aspects and the specific contributions of DTU to the project. This session set the context for the significance of BIM and digitalization in modern construction and architectural education.

Following this, the focus shifted to DTU Construct and the application of openBIM. Jan Karlshøj discussed the integration of BIM into bachelor education, while study leader Tim McGinley elaborated on its role in the master's programs. BIM coordinator Kristian Brink from Norconsult/Molio shared practical insights into the openBIM competencies, demonstrating how these skills are applied in real-world scenarios, enhancing the curriculum's relevance and applicability. Next, Jan Karlshøj led an introduction to Building Information Modeling and Digitalization, which included a presentation of a survey that explored the effectiveness of the program and detailed the content of the course. This was crucial in showcasing the direct results of the IBIMD project and its impact on education and professional practices in the field.

The event continued with a debate session led by Jan Karlshøj, providing a platform for attendees to discuss the information presented, ask questions, and share their perspectives. This session was vital for engaging the audience and fostering an interactive and dynamic learning environment.

The event concluded with a summary session, wrapping up the discussions and reinforcing the event's themes and objectives.

The target audience for this event comprised academic professionals, industry experts, and practitioners in the AEC sector, along with students and educators interested in BIM and digitalization. The diverse backgrounds of the attendees enriched the discussions, providing a comprehensive view of the industry's needs and educational strategies.

The outcomes of the event were highly positive, with participants gaining deeper insights into the IBIMD project's goals and the practical benefits of BIM and digitalization. The event successfully promoted the exchange of experiences and strengthened collaborations between academia and the industry, essential for addressing the challenges of digitalization.

The event was implemented as planned, with all the sessions conducted as scheduled. There were no significant deviations from the planned agenda, ensuring a smooth and productive event that effectively met its objectives of dissemination and feedback collection. This successful execution highlights the event's role in promoting the IBIMD project's achievements and supporting the ongoing efforts to integrate BIM and digitalization into the construction industry across educational institutions and professional practices.

Within this multiplication event, DTU has leveraged its BIM network to present the outcome of our project and discuss course improvements.  As the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Lyngby has worked with openBIM for more than 15 years, it continuously develops and adapts its teaching to encourage the students to embrace a more open approach to their work. Leveraging its extensive network of BIM professionals, DTU has presented the results of IBIMD project and gathered valuable feedback regarding future improvements of the course. Following the event, the conclusions were consolidated in a document what summarizes the BIM related lessons learned and best practices of Danish industry


15:00 DTU Campus Lyngby: Bygning 313
Projektleder Maja Frederikke Høgsbro, DTU Campus Service
SpecialkonsulentErik Falck Jørgensen, DTU Campus Service

15:30 DTU Construct og openBIM
Bacheloruddannelse ved Jan Karlshøj
Kandidatuddannelse ved studieleder Tim McGinley , DTU Construct
openBIM kompetenceri praksis ved BIM-koordinatorKristian Brink, Norconsult/Molio

16:15 Introduction to Building Information Modeling and Digitalization
Spørgeskemaundersøgelse ved programchefJan Karlshøj, DTU Construct
Kursusindhold ved Jan Karlshøj

16:45 Debat
ved Jan Karlshøj

17:00 Afrunding