România, Timisoara
23.09.2022 @ 16:00

Eveniment de multiplicare a rezultatelor - I
Eveniment hibrid In Romania

Biblioteca UPT, sala K1,
Bulevardul Vasile Pârvan, 2, Timișoara

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EN: The purpose of the multiplier event organized on 23.09.2022 in Timișoara is to present the consolidated data, get feedback for the course summary and strengthen the collaboration between the academia and the AEC industry. The event will benefit the presence of Acad. Prof. Dr.- Ing. Dan DUBINA, Romanian Academy, Timișoara branch and the TEC Cluster (Technology Enabled Construction) representatives, a cluster that focuses on industry digitalization in Romania. 

The event agenda was the following:

16.00 Ș.L. Dr. -Ing. Andrei CRISAN (Manager iBIMD) - Project introduction and Agenda
16.05 Conf. Dr. -Ing. Florin DRAGAN (Rector of Politehnica University Timișoara) - Opening statement
16.10 Acad. Prof. Dr.- Ing. Dan DUBINA (President of Timisoara Branch of Romanian Acadamy) - The future of construction
16.20 Dr. Ing. Cristian ERBASU (President of TEC Cluster) - AECO transformation in digital age
16.30 Ing. Cristian ONOFREI (Development manager for TEC Cluster) - BIM in Romania
16.40 Ș.L. Dr. -Ing. Andrei Crisan (Manager iBIMD) - Results of IBIMD survey and course content
17:00 Rodica LUPU (TEC Cluster director) - The role of clusters for innovative organization development
17.10 Discussions - Challenges, solutions and funding for AECO digitalization
17:45 Networking

The multiplier event effectively supported the sharing and dissemination of the IBIMD project's results by engaging key stakeholders. The presence of distinguished speakers and representatives from the Romanian Academy, Politehnica University Timișoara, and TEC Cluster attracted a diverse and influential audience. Detailed presentations on survey results and course content provided attendees with a clear understanding of the project's achievements and future directions. The event facilitated interaction between academia and industry, promoting collaborative efforts to advance digitalization in construction. Participants offered valuable feedback on the course content, which will be used to refine and enhance the curriculum.

The target audience for the event included academic professionals and researchers, industry experts and practitioners in the AEC sector, representatives from clusters and innovation networks, and policymakers and stakeholders interested in digitalization.

The outcomes of the event were highly positive, including enhanced awareness of the importance and benefits of BIM and digitalization in construction, strengthened relationships between academia and industry, valuable feedback for further development of the IBIMD curriculum, and increased interest in future collaborations and initiatives to support digital transformation in the AECO sector.

The event was implemented as planned, with all scheduled speakers presenting their topics and engaging in meaningful discussions. There were no significant deviations from the planned agenda, ensuring a smooth and productive event that met its objectives.